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Iranian mother pleads to UN to stop Iran executing her son

Gholamreza Khosravi

A desperate Iranian mother has written to the United Nations begging them to try to overturn the 'unjust and tyrannical' death sentence on her political prisoner son. Married father-of-one Gholamreza Khosravi, 47, is currently facing execution after almost six years in Tehran's Evin prison for giving financial support a to the Simaye Azadi television network. His mother Beigom Yadi, 70, has now written to Ahmad Shahid, the UN's Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran, urging him to try to save her son's life.

'Lying' Martin Kobler has failed Camp Liberty residents and must be replaced, Ex-UN official

Ex-UN official

Martin Kobler has been 'fabricating information' and must be sacked for failing to keep his promises to the people of Camps Ashraf and Liberty, a meeting at the European Parliament on last Wednesday, March 27 was told. Tahar Boumedra - a former advisor to Kobler at the UN's mission to Iraq - also warned that Camp Liberty residents' lives were in danger unless they were relocated as soon as possible. He told the meeting: "I recently I crossed paths with the personal assistant to Mr Kobler. I told him that they had failed badly in this mission and failed in their promise to the residents of Ashraf. "The real objective was to put the residents of Camp Ashraf in a prison called Camp Liberty which was made to look good by providing false information. "I think it is certainly time for the UNHCR to take the matter in its hands and deal with it properly, away from the political manipulation we have witnessed." He added: "The UNHCR is a humanitarian organization and this is a humanitarian situation. Those who would like to address this issue with political objectives, should hand the process to UNHCR because crimes have committed."

The struggle of Iranian women and the PMOI

the PMOI

By Sid Ahmed Ghozali - I have met many Iranian resistance fighters. I have regularly attended many of their gatherings and meetings in many different European countries, and learnt many things from them. I believe there is a common denominator between the destiny of the peoples of all Arabic and Islamic countries, and in this path to destiny, one can not ignore the Iranian factor. Without going into too much detail, no scholar could deny that the Arabic and Islamic countries of the region have been influenced by the evolving of the mullahs in Iran in a very negative way. I am certain that the removal of this regime in Iran will reverse this process and will pave the way for democratic changes in many countries of the region.

Political prisoners on hunger strike are in critical condition

Political prisoners

The physical condition of two Gonabadi prisoners who are on hunger strike in Adel Abad Prison, in city of Shiraz, is reported very critical. According to the wife of Saleh Moradi, he does not have the power to speak anymore. Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri are on the 73rd day of their hunger strike and the second week of their dry hunger strike. They went on strike in protest of the transfer of their lawyers to solitary confinements.

German campaigners demand protection for Liberty

German campaigners

Highly vulnerable residents of the Camp Liberty 'killing field' must receive urgent protection from further deadly attacks, a conference in Germany was told. The United Nations envoy to Iraq Martin Kobler was also to blame for exposing 3,100 Iranian dissidents at the camp to 'extreme danger', the conference held by the the German Solidarity Committee for a Free Iran heard. Former UN official Taher Boumedra told the gathering and press conference at Berlin's Federal Media Bureau on April 3 how Kobler had a mission to monitor Camps Ashraf and Liberty, but had instead put the dissidents in a very dangerous situation by colluding with Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maleki and his commanders in the Iranian regime. Kobler was 'fully aware' of the intentions of the Iraqi Government to expose the residents to danger, so he had failed in his mission, Mr Boumedra said.

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